Media Catalog Policies and Procedures


  1. Media may be requested through the  website Contact Us page. A response will be sent on the availability of the program and how to obtain it.


  1. Requesters may be placed on a waiting list and notified when the program is available.


  1. A valid Tennessee driver’s license must be shown to borrow any media from TVU. Media will not be given without verification of the borrower’s identity and Village address.


  1. The Requester may keep the program for three weeks for individual viewing. The Requester may borrow the program for an additional three weeks if there are no other names on the waiting list for that program.


  1. The Requester agrees to compensate TVU $100.00 for replacement costs if the program is not returned in its original package and in good condition with no damage.


  1. TVU CIRCLES: The Requester is encouraged – but not required — to invite others to form a group called a TVU Circle to view the program as a group so that there is maximum use of the program among those who share interest.  If a CIRCLE is formed, the Requester submits the names of those who will attend the CIRCLE and may keep the program for two months.


  1. While there is no fee for use of any TVU program, tax-deductible donations made to STAYinTV, the Executive organization that sponsors TVU, are welcomed so that additional programs may be purchased. Checks may be given to the Program coordinator when the material is returned, or mailed to STAYinTV 100 Chota Center, Loudon TN 37774.


  1. Villagers may donate their personal educational media to TVU for inclusion in this program.


  1. Failure to return borrowed materials will result in a bill to the borrower in the amount of $100 and exclusion from the program in the future.