Mah-Jongg for Beginners

Mah-Jongg for Beginners, 4 sessions

Presenter: Myrna Wickard

Course Location, Time, Dates:  Chota Rec Center, 1-3 (first session), 10-12 (sessions 2, 3, 4); Rooms C and B , Wednesdays February 1, 8, 15, 22

Class is full

Mah-Jongg is an ancient, timeless, fascinating Chinese game of skill, strategy, and luck. It is not a card game. Instead, it is played with sets of “tiles,” each set bearing a distinctive symbol and color — red, green, black or blue. The game is best played with 4 people, although it can be modified and played with 2, 3, or 4. It is a great social activity and keeps the mind stimulated.  Myrna’s grandchildren in Boston wanted to learn the game, so she had a game sent to them. Her granddaughter, who was 9 said,” only grandma would want to teach us a game that came in a brief case.” Needless to say, they understood the game quickly and they play frequently with Grandma.The point is,  Mah-Jongg is a great game everyone.

This class will be fun, informative, and challenging. In the year that she has lived in Wind River, Myrna has introduced Mah-Jongg to so many residents that there are now three active groups of 12 participants or more that play regularly.

This series of four classes in four weeks will be fun, informative, and challenging. All the game materials will be provided.



Myrna’s talent for teaching and infectious enthusiasm for Mah-Jongg are catching. The experience of more than 20 years in the classroom, and now the time to follow her many interests combine in a delightful way. She says herself that she wants to share the games she knows – Mah-Jongg among them – with as many people as possible: come for the fun, stay for the friendship.


CLASS FEE: $10   Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center. (Checks made to TVL-POA)