The King in a Car Park

The King in a Carpark: Discovery of the Remains of King Richard III of England

Presenter:  Sally Keil

Course Locations, Times, and  Dates: September 20 (9:30-11:30am)

The Gallery at the Yacht Club

King Richard III of England (1452-1485) was slain by the forces of Henry Tudor, his body stripped naked and carried back to Leicester to be openly displayed to prove his demise. His final resting place was thought to be lost to history. Like a traveler from another time, his remains were unexpectedly discovered  in 2012. Extensive forensic testing confirmed his identity, and subsequently he was reinterred in 2015 with full pomp and splendor, as befits an English monarch.

This class will tell the story of the search for the remains of one of the most famous – or infamous – kings in English history. Sally will explore the reasons for the search, who led the charge, and the dramatic results. Having attended King Richard’s reinterment services in Leicester England in 2015, she provides a vivid, informed, first-hand account of this rare historic event, including pictures she took of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Instructor:  A lover of English history, Sally Keil graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wheaton College in Norton MA. She earned a Masters Degree in Information Sciences from the U of Pittsburgh. She is the recent past Membership Chairman of the American Branch of The Richard III Society, and was the Moderator for the New England chapter. Sally and her husband Carl became Tellico Village residents in 2020.


Cost: $5 pre pay at the Welcome Center