Beaded Jewelry Making

Workshop in 3 Sessions : Making Beautiful Beaded Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces 

Presenter:  Marti Hands

Course Location, Times, Dates: Chota Rec Center Room D, 9:30 – 11:30 am, Monday May 4, Monday May 11, and Tuesday May 12

Beaded jewelry has a very long history. Even from ancient times, the craft of drilling small holes in tiny objects like seashells, bits of wood or bone, or very soft pebbles and stringing them together in various ways to make pretty adornments like bracelets or necklaces, is common across virtually all cultures.  In our time, beads of many shapes, colors, and textures are made of glass, plastic, wood — plain, carved, or painted, even gold and silver.

Whether you’re new to this craft or have lots of experience, you’ll enjoy making earrings, memory wire bracelets in bright colors to go with a favorite outfit, and sets of matching necklaces and earrings. In these classes, you will learn basic techniques, how to design and choose colors, how to use beading needles and fine gauge wire, and how to add the finishing touches. Beading is a creative, fun craft, perhaps even your new hobby.

Presenter:  Marti Hands is known in the Tellico Village community as a master of this lovely craft, beading. She began beading and other crafts with her maternal  grandmother in Central Indiana. Her grandmother instilled in Marti not only a passion for beading but also a desire to teach the craft to others. She is always thrilled to see what everyone designs and makes, and the fun they have doing it.

Class Fee:  $30 (includes class fee and materials)  Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center (checks made to TVU – POA)