High Society: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Psychoactive Drugs

High Society: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Psychoactive Drugs

Presenter: Dr. Lori Schmied,  Maryville College

Course Location, Time, Date:  Friday, April 17, 1-3pm, Yacht Club Gallery


What’s the difference between CDB and THC?  How did opiates change from being miraculous painkillers to one of the most reviled drugs?  Can psychedelics really be useful in treating depression?  Is vaping safe?  What drugs can you safely use to help you sleep?  Dr. Schmied will address these questions and more in her class on how psychoactive drugs work and what contemporary neuroscience can tell us what we know (and perhaps more importantly) what we don’t know about these drugs.

Presenter:  Dr. Schmied has been teaching about the brain and behavior for over 30 years at Maryville College.  Her areas of focus are drugs and behavior, stress, and cardiovascular health.  She is the author of a recent book on the history of neuroscience, The Advance of Neuroscience.  A native Tennessean, she received her doctorate at UT and collaborated many years with a research team at University College London in the U.K.  She continues to spend most summers in London at the History of Medicine Library at the Wellcome Trust.

Class Fee:  $5   Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center (Checks made to TVU – POA)