Leaving a Written Legacy

Leaving a Written Legacy

Presenter: Gayle Thomasson

Course Location, Time, Date:  Tellico Village Library, 9:30-11:30, Wednesday May 13

Legacy letters (in the olden days sometimes called “ethical wills”) are a specific kind of memoir. Rather than an account of all the big events in one’s past, the focus is a sort of a letter to descendents about the “wisdom” gained from life experience, a way of maintaining the values and principles that have guided one’s family through time.

Every one of us wishes we had asked more questions of parents and grandparents: questions of their lives, of their families, of their memories. My maternal grandmother, who died before I had enough sense to ask the right questions, wrote two short autobiographies, one of her early childhood and one of her married life, as well as a diary that covered two widely separated years of her life. A great-great grandfather left behind a brief overview of his life. Because of these gifts, I know there is no inheritance that will be more valued.

This class will look at legacy writing options, share topics and ideas, and provide motivation to begin creating this special inheritance that participants’ families will treasure.

Presenter: Gayle Thomasson is a retired English/writing instructor. She has been the facilitator for The Public Library of Tellico Village Memoir Writing Group for the past ten years.

Class Fee:  $5  Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center   (Checks to TVU – POA)