Pencil Portraits From a Photograph

Pencil Portraits From a Photograph      (3 – session class)

Presenter: Teresa Mauch, Tellico Village Art Guild

Course Location, Time, and Dates:  Chota Rec Center (Room D), 9:30-11-30, Monday April 6, Tuesday April 7, and Friday April 10

Beginners and experienced artists are welcome to try your hand at creating a pencil portrait from a photograph.

Bring a favorite portrait photograph to class, and learn how to transform that photograph into a pencil drawing. You will learn skills like gridding, shading, use of shadows, lighting effects, and more.

Presenter: Teresa Mauch is a Village resident and a member of the Art Guild. She loves portrait work and is particularly good at capturing the expression of a subject, and loves to teach others the techniques and skills of this particular art.

Class Limit:  15 participants

Class Fee: $18 (includes course fee and materials)