The Reformation & Italian Renaissance

The Reformation and the Italian Renaissance: Naughty Princes and Worldly Popes

Presenter:  Jackie Curtiss

Course Locations, Times, and  Dates:

Tellico Village Library

Friday October 22 (9:30-11:30)

Friday October 29 (9:30-11:30)

Cost: $5 pre pay at the Welcome Center (checks payable to TVPOA)

Limited to 16 attendees


Although it was a long time ago, the era of the Renaissance  drastically changed the medieval world. Besides leaving us timeless masterpieces of art, it was also the era when popes were political players, Italy and Germany were not united countries, and every prince, duke, princeling  and royal hanger-on was fighting for power over someone else. Join Village historian Jackie Curtiss for a tour of Europe five centuries ago, when cardinals gossiped about papal poisoning, the Borgia popes divided the newly “discovered” Americas, and  an unhappy German monk posted a public  list of 95 suggestions for reform of the Catholic Church — which had been the only voice of Christianity for 1500 years — and inadvertently opened the door to the emergence of Protestant Christianity.

This is NOT a class on religious theology, but instead a romp through fascinating stories in history, back in the days when a pope hosted a bullfight in the Vatican, and commissioned the building of the glorious St. Peter’s Basilica — which took 120 years and a string of architects that included Michelangelo — that defines the beauty of religious art to this day.

Presenter:  Villager Jackie Curtiss retired from teaching history back in Texas a few years ago, and just can’t give up teaching. She loves researching new topics and sharing what she learns with interested audiences, while not having to give tests or grade papers. Jackie graduated from Lawrence University in Wisconsin, and earned her Master’s degree in history at Houston Baptist University. As the doting “mother” of adorable PomPom, she wants you to know that Michelangelo purportedly painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in St. Peter’s with his little Pomeranian by his side.