DIY Lawn Care & Maintenance

DIY Lawn Care and Maintenance: Identify and Eradicate Lawn Pests and Weeds

Presenter: John Goddard, UT Extension Loudon County

Course Location, Time, and Date:  Yacht Club Gallery,Wednesday September 8 (9:30-11:30)

We are fortunate, in this beautiful community, to enjoy a moderate, temperate climate: cold but not too cold in the winter, and warm but not too warm in the summer. We also generally have torrents of rain that keep everything green, green, green. But that warmth and humidity also mean that crabgrass, weeds and a whole range of pests also flourish.

We have an “app” for that: John Goddard, Loudon County UT Agriculture Extension Agent. His highly popular sessions for TVU, full of detailed information, answers to questions of all sorts, and broad knowledge of every unwelcome plant or insect or bug that can grow in, munch on, hop over, wiggle or burrow through are altogether informative and entertaining, and well worth your time, even if you have a lawn service.

Presenter: John Goddard was recognized in 2017 with the UT Extension’s  William D. Bishop Outstanding Service Award. He is an engaging speaker, and a master of research-based information in this realm of agriculture.

Class Fee:  $5. Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center. (Checks made to TVPOA)