The Theater and What Makes it Tick

The Theater and What Makes It Tick  

(Three-session course, offered at the Tellico Community Playhouse in Lakeside Plaza)

Presenters: Artistic Director Len Willis and the Production Staff

Course Location, Time, and Dates:  Tellico Village Playhouse, 2 – 4 pm, Thursdays

March 5, 12, and  19.

The Tellico Community Players are fortunate to receive a great amount of support from the Village and surrounding areas. We also have a large number of residents that volunteer to help put on each show. But what exactly is required to go from a printed script to a live performance on the Playhouse stage? What happens backstage, and at the light board, and at the audio controls? What does the stage manager do?

Thursday March 5:  “The Boss and ALL the Other Bosses”

In this first session, these production roles will be explored and explained: Artistic Director; Director, Producer, Stage Manager, Set Designer, Prop Coordinator, Costume Coordinator, Make-Up Coordinator, Technical Director, and More.

Thursday March 12:  “The Wonderful World of Lights and Sound”

When people need light they turn the lights on. When they no longer need the light, they turn the lights off. Sound comes naturally, People make all kinds of sounds as do millions of other sources. The technical staff, working with the Director’s Vision, puts together a program that depicts the theme of a play to its best advantage. The thoughts and actions reflected in light and sound will be the topic of this class. The focus is on the Technical Coordinator, the Lights Technician, and the Sound Technician.

Thursday March 19: “What Happens Backstage, Stays Backstage”

Everyone in the audience sees the set, the props, the costumes, and the makeup. But it all doesn’t just happen. For every play, the backstage volunteers have the challenge of ensuring that a performance runs smoothly, with every detail worked out before the lights go up on opening night and all the way through every production. In this class we will delve into the myriad magical happenings, backstage, for the sets, props, costumes, and makeup.

Class Fee:  $15. Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center. (Checks made to TVU – POA)