Climate Change

Climate Change: A Detailed Consideration of an Essential, Complex Issue

Presenter:  Laurence J. Best

Course Location, Time, and Date:  Tuesday October 5 (9:30-11:30) Chota D

Cost: $5 (checks payable to TVPOA)


Long-term records of atmosphere and oceans, temperatures and vegetation, animal life and land masses, air quality and habitats track changes both short term and long. In our time, the speed with which information, misinformation, and disinformation travels has led to confusion about  “climate change” as well as whether and what to do about it, becoming a matter of world-wide discussion, debate, and both urgency and skepticism.

What is the evidence that currently exists? What are the arguments and counter-arguments? What are the facts, and what are the opinions offered to override them?

Presenter:  Laurence J. Best is an author and consultant who frequently speaks and writes on the topic of climate change. Long a student of this issue, his purpose is to provide a detailed but non-technical discussion of the factors both natural and man-made that affect Earth’s climate and everything on it. Larry is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point.

Class Fee:  $5   Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center. (Checks made to TVPOA).