American Sign Language

Introduction to American Sign Language  (8 session course)

Presenter: Michelle Provart Menefee, Certified ASL Interpreter

Course Location, Time, Dates:  Tellico Village Library,

Thursday September 30 (1-3)

Thursday October 7 (1-3) ,

Thursday October 14 (2-4)

Thursday October 21 (2-4)

Thursday October 28 (1-3)

Thursday November 4 (1-3)

Thursday November 18 (1-3)

December 2 (1-3)

While combinations of gestures and “body language” for communicating with the deaf probably date from earliest human experience, more refined techniques apparently began to be used for deaf education in France and Spain during the Renaissance. American Sign Language evolved in the 1800s in a partnership between Laurent Clerc, a French educator who was realizing considerable success in deaf education with signing techniques, and Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, an American minister in Connecticut who traveled to Europe, began learning Clerc’s teaching methods, and convinced Clerc to come to the United States, where they established the first free school for the deaf. American Sign Language emerged from the collaboration of Clerc and Gallaudet.

In this lively, interactive course for beginners, you will learn common, everyday phrases in American Sign Language through combinations of explanation, demonstration, and practice. Each class, the instructor, who has more than 20 years’ experience as a Certified ASL Interpreter and educator, will take you through  demonstration and lots of practice, including with games. Between classes, participants can go to a private Facebook page on which Michelle will use brief videos to refresh, repeat, and demonstrate classroom techniques and  will encourage participants to post their own short videos for the same techniques.

Bring your electronic device (smart phone, tablet, laptop) to class. Participants are encouraged to purchase the class text, which includes a DVD.

Available new  $19.69 + SH  [ISBN: 978-0071759328]

Class limit: 15 participants

Class Fee:  $65    Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center (checks made to TVPOA)