Spring 2020 Courses

American Sign Language, Michelle Provart Menefee, Tellico Village Library

Climate Change, Laurence Best, Yacht Club

The Theater and What Makes It Tick, Len Willis, Tellico Community Playhouse

National Parks Conservation & Preservation, Tracy Kramer, Chota Rec Center

DIY Lawn Maintenance, John Goddard, Yacht Club

Renaissance Popes & The Reformation, Jackie Curtiss, Kahite and Chota Rec Center

Pencil Portraits from a Photograph, Theresa Mauch, Chota Rec Center

Diplomacy and US Foreign Policy, Hon. James Knight, Yacht Club

Making Beaded Jewelry, Marti Hands, Chota Rec Center

Writing Legacy Letters, Gayle Thomasson, Tellico Village Library

Plato and Ancient Greek Philosophers, Dr. Clerk Shaw, Tellico Village Library

High Society-What Neuroscience Tells Us About Psychoactive Drugs- Dr. Lori Schmied, Yacht Club Gallery