Other Institutions’ Programs for Lifelong Learning

Local higher education institutions offer lifelong learning programs on a variety of topics. The Tennessee Board of Regents supported Tennessee Law so that senior citizens are able to audit college credit courses tuition free.

Contact the resources directly using the contact information provided below for more information on any course offering of interest. If you are interested, you can see a copy of this code at the end of this website:

2010 Tennessee Code Title 49 – Education Chapter 7 – Postsecondary and Higher Education Generally Part 1 – Miscellaneous Provisions 49-7-113 – Disabled and elderly persons Auditing or enrollment.

This code for tuition free-courses does not apply to Personal and Professional Development courses that are typically offered for no credit at a reduced fee.


UT provides programs of various types for personal interest. These websites list course offerings and provide enrollment directions.

UT Knoxville also complies with the Tennessee Board of Regents policy to admit senior aged Tennessee residents to audit courses tuition free, but will require some nominal administrative/registration fee. http://www.outreach.utk.edu/
UT Personal Development The UT Personal Development offers a variety of short classes, most of which are in the $60-125 range. http://noncredit.utk.edu/Personal/.

UT Non Credit courses. This site provides the complete catalogue of non-credit courses.


UT Seniors for Creative Learning.   This site provides a flyer describing the Seniors for Creative Living site with classes held in Knoxville.



Tennessee residents age 60 or over may audit classes free of tuition and registration fees at Cleveland State Community College. Persons who qualify for these designations still must pay the application fee, late fee and lab fees. http://catalog.clevelandstatecc.edu/content.php?catoid=5&navoid=205#Disabled_and_Senior_Citizens



Tennessee residents 65 years of age or older are eligible to enroll in courses at Pellissippi State Technical and Community College on a space-available basis for credit without payment of maintenance, campus access, student government, international education, student recreation center, technology, sustainable campus and late fees. A service fee not to exceed $70 per semester will be charged. The application fee and all applicable special course fees also will be charged. Non-credit courses are available for a fee, usually about $99 plus any required materials. http://catalog.pstcc.edu/content.php?catoid=4&navoid=114




Persons 60 years of age or older who live in Tennessee are eligible to enroll at Roane State Community College in courses for audit without payment of tuition, technology, student activity fees, or registration fees. All remaining fees including special course fees will be assessed at the normal rate. http://www.roanestate.edu/catalog/?id=287



ORICL is not a state supported institution. It does provide a varied curriculum of interesting topics offered at their Oak Ridge location. A paid membership in ORICL affords participants opportunities to enroll in many courses at a low fee. http://www.roanestate.edu/?8465-ORICL-Oak-Ridge-Institute-for-Continued-Learning



The Public Library at Tellico Village is part of the Loudon County public library offered for county residents. The library offers a scheduled series of courses on various topics of interest to all Loudon County residents. This schedule is published on the library website at:

Lecture series: http://www.tvlibrary.org/#Free_Educational_Lecture_Series

Interested residents should check this schedule and register for courses at the library. Some courses incur a small fee that goes to the library.




As a cooperative effort between Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the University of Tennessee, the Field School offers unique opportunities to Explore, Learn and Enjoy in one of the nation’s premier national parks through indoor workshops and outdoor field adventures. Participants may choose from over 30 experts teaching more than 80 sessions to enhance their appreciation of nature and the wealth of diversity within our Smoky Mountains and southern Appalachians.

Their website lists their current courses and registration information. Tellico Village residents are invited to investigate this source and participate in those programs of interest. http://www.smfs.utk.edu/



Road Scholar elderhostel specializes in travel adventures for lifelong learning. Road Scholar, the not-for-profit leader in educational travel since 1975, offers 5,500 educational tours in all 50 states and 150 countries. Alongside local and renowned experts, experience in-depth and behind-the-scenes learning opportunities, from cultural tours and study cruises to walking, biking and more. Check this website for planned trips, to obtain a catalogue of planned trips, and other facts about this unique program for senior adult aged persons who enjoy traveling.




Do you have interesting photos or video of your vacation? Would you be interested in sharing those experiences with your photos and videos with other Tellico Village residents? We can arrange for a 30 – 45 minute travelogue with you as the narrator.



Many of our Tellico Village residents are able to present interesting programs on a variety of topics to local organizations. Tellico Village organizations are invited to contact these speakers and inquire about their needs, such as more information about the topic, credentials of the speaker, fees, and length of time of the program. Arrangements are made directly between the organization and the speaker.

Tellico Villagers are invited to submit their recommendations to this list to enable other organizations to benefit from their experiences with these speakers.


Authors’ Guild of Tennessee (AGT) is a group of published authors in Tennessee who work together to promote the books they have written and to share the costs of marketing them. AGT members sell their books through national and regional outlets, this website and at book signings and other events. The reading experience is enhanced by getting to know the author personally as well as details about the book and its inspiration that are not usually known. This may be a good resource for book clubs to meet with the author of a book written by one of these AGT members. http://authorsguildoftn.org/ You can schedule directly with any of these authors.   Most of these speakers are not Tellico Village residents.
What do we know about adult learners? Cindy Solomon Ph.D developed, chaired and taught in the Tusculum College MAED programs that focused on adult education, human resource development and organizational development. Her 30 minute program focuses on what research — and common experience – tell us about adults as learners; and why a lifelong learning experience is integral to living a healthy life as we age.   She covers research findings with a focus on how these findings are applied in programs around the country.   These findings also form the basis for the development of Tellico Village University. Cindy may be contacted at csolomonphd@att.net and865-408-1520