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TELLICO VILLAGE PICKLEBALL CLUB   Tellico Village University Partner

Pickleball is a game that is similar to tennis, but uses a smaller court, a paddle and a plastic ball.  It is an easy game to learn and most new players are playing after just a few lessons.  The lessons are free and the club provides all the equipment.  Membership in the Tellico Village wellness program is required to play pickleball on Tellico Village courts.  Beginners may be able to attend training prior to acquiring a membership.  Information about new classes and registration is available at the TVPBC website.  The club also schedules numerous social activities during the year for its members.


Villagers are invited to report their interest in learning how to play this fun sport to the president of the club.  Classes are scheduled as interested is generated. The classes are free and all equipment is provided by the club/recreation department. There is experienced instruction that begins with the rules of the game and basic stroke instruction.  Advanced training is available for players wanting to advance their skills. Particular information is available at their website.



Tellico Village Recreation Department

Persons interested in instruction in sports and other recreational activities should check these Tellico Village sources for current offerings. Some sources are accessible through their website.   Many of these programs require membership in the Tellico Village Wellness Center; some do not.

Golf Check with the golf pro at the Tellico Village golf courses for private lessons.
Tai Chi Gail Eades
Pickleball   Tellico Village Pickelball club offers classes for beginners.
Boating Coast Guard Auxiliary
Exercise Trainers Contact the Recreation Department for a list of personal trainers for your own personalized program.
Tennis Lessons with Fred Bonney 458 2589
Check the Recreation Department website for SCHEDULES for instruction in these forms of exercise:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Balance
  • Water Aerobics
  • Exercise Equipment Orientation
  • Yoga


DESCRIPTION OF CLASSES offered by the Recreation Department is found at



For the Wellness Center —

Kahite  —


What else do you need to know from the TV Recreation Department?

The Tellico Village Recreation Department offers a variety of instructional programs on a regular basis. The best way to obtain current information is to check their website at This site contains:

  • the latest copies of the Recreation newsletter,
  • a list and description of classes offered at the recreational facilities at Chota, the Wellness Center, and at Kahite,
  • current pool hours at all pool facilities,
  • the gym schedule
  • information about the Swim Team, Tennis and the Pickleball Club.
  • the family park and beach pavilion off Tugaloo; Policies and rules for reserving this pavilion are listed there. Reservations are made through the Recreation department by calling the Chota Recreation Center and paying the fee.


Information on Programs and Instructors Offered by the Tellico Village Recreation Department . . . .

The Tellico Village Recreation Department periodically schedules classes offered by area speakers on health and wellness topics. As a policy, the Recreation Department will schedule a course offered by area speakers. These presenters are permitted to present information only.

They are not permitted to solicit for business or sell their products or services.


T-BART                                            A  Tellico Village University Partner             12           

T-BART assists Tellico Lake boaters in need of non-emergency and non-medical situations.  In addition, they provide training to boaters on safety.